Styrofoam society

       You can call it a microwave or drive through society, but I choose to call it Styrofoam or disposable. We are in a Styrofoam society, and what do we do to Styrofoam cups, plates or bags? We throw them away.

         We have reached that point where we discard things which give us discomfort in any form or manner. Rather than doing an extra work, we would seek for a short cut. We are looking for short cut in everything; short cut in business, short cut in school, short cut in marriage, short cut in child bearing, short cut in almost everything.

My toaster is not working, what do I do? There’s a repair shop down the road but Wal Mart is right next to it. Oh cool, let’s go buy a new one from Wal mart.

I am hungry; I have a full kitchen with all the cooking utensils known to man, I have my food stuff, what do I do? There’s McDonalds and a Chinese restaurant across the street. Oh cool, let’s go there

My marriage is not working, what do I do? Oh cool, you had your fun when you did. Just throw it away

       What’s happening to our society? What happened to being able to conserve what we had? I was shocked the day I learned there was a shoe repair store across my house. I lived there for years and learned to discard shoes as soon as one thing or the other happened to them, yet I could have taken my broken heel to the shoe repair store if I had the knowledge.  All these years, I contributed to the Styrofoam society while I blamed yankee for not having “mallam” who will repair my shoes.

       When it comes to marriage, we have laid aside the values we had in the past. Due to other things connected to our Styrofoam society, we go into marriage with pre nup. Rather than working to keep our marriage, we choose the easy way out which is divorce, forgetting that in divorce, no one really wins.

              What will become of this Styrofoam society?

                         My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. This is so true…I recall a recent conversation in which one girl said she can’t survive without a dishwasher. She’d rather throw away the dishes or buy disposable plates. I too wonder what will come of this styrofoam society.

    You have a nice blog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I’m fairly thrifty so when I need to replace something I look at the options, and the cost of repairing can sometimes be prohibitive: if you have a 5 year old toaster that you purchased for $25 and they are charging you $15 to repair it (and given that repairs on electronics often have no guarantees), then it’s tempting to just start from square one. I feel you though, but my experience with things like shoes and appliances are in the case of the former, the item is often old so ready to be discarded anyway, or the item is very costly to repair. When possible I do opt to fix.

    On the marriage front, I feel you completely! I know quite a few people who are in their early 30s that already have at least one divorce under their belts. One of my mother’s colleagues had a beautiful wedding and less than two years later they had divorced! It breaks my heart that in some cases it’s clear that the moment things stopped being romantic and “perfect”, both people bailed. I hope that people will be willing to fight for their marriages when the going gets tough: they have no idea how much stronger their marriage will be for going through those rough patches and choosing to fight for their marriage and make it work.

    (Obvious exceptions are cases where one partner is being abused and efforts to curb this destructive behaviour have failed.)

  3. We have always been a victim of adopting ‘western’ values.. This is probably just a typical example..
    Considering it’s acceptable to have shotgun las vegas weddings.. divorcing has also been made easier..
    It’s unfortunate but it’s real.
    The disposal of items though I think is relative, because more often than not the cost of repair is usually close to the cost of purchasing a new item, whereas in developing countries they are more innovative with repairal.
    Does that really make us more conservative though? When a bus driver in naija should buy new brake oil.. but in being thrifty uses ‘7up’ as a substitute.. then ends up in the lagoon off a bridge.
    Some would just call that being penny-wise.. 🙂

  4. Guess there are situations where a short-term fix works vs a whole new replacement.. Maybe we need to be better able to understand what the real costs are..Like GNG poinnted out, it may be be more cost-effective to turn in the faulty device and get a new oe than try to fix it.. Stuff that involves people tho requires a lot more effort before calling it quits..

  5. @ Simplegal…thats the world we live in. thanks for stopping by

    GNG…like I have been thought, those words in the marriage vow “for better for worse…etc”, at one point in a marriage comes into play….unfortunately, not everyone realizes that. They just choose the easy way out

    Roc….Lol. Now, I will have to ask every bus driver to tell me what oil and fuel type they used for their car

    Danny….you are right. Stuff that involves people require more than a quick fix

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