Naija hook up ridiculously made easy

Have you ever had an aunt/ sister/ cousin/parents/friend try to hook you up with a fellow Nigerian?

        Have you ever had someone contact you ‘cos someone gave them your contact information or recommended you for marriage or relationship? I have had my share of these contacts. I hardly know any of them, although some claim and swear they know every member of my family or know me … a kid.

I have decided to put up a little guide line for future “hookers” who are looking for “hookees

           You may have only one window of opportunity; only one phone call, only one e-mail, or only one text to make a good impression… make good use of it

          Don’t go round telling people or giving people the impression that there’s something going on between you and the young lady, when/if you haven’t even talked to the girl or received her acceptance.

          Don’t assume that all you need is to say it and she will agree immediately

          Don’t mention your net worth on first conversation

          Be ready for cross questioning

          Do not put her down….what do you know, you are still a kid? What do you know you are just a woman?……some naija guys have these biased views about naija female population where they assume the only thing they are probably good at is ….cook, clean, make babies…..they assume certain topics are beyond the comprehension of the women, for instance discussion on economic matters, political matter, work/business related issues, sports etc

          Don’t make assumptions for the lady….she has a head, mind and a mouth; let her speak for herself

          That she said no to your proposal does not mean she is feeling too big or that she’s a terrible person

          That a naija lady speaks to you, picks your phone, or pays attention to your conversation…. does not mean she is interested in you or ready to marry you.

          A lady might like you but she doesn’t like you “like that”. She likes you but not feeling you that way…most guys have a hard time understanding this last piece

      A real man doesn’t need things (bling bling, cars etc) to define him, he defines himself; its unfortunate that our world has become monetized, but even in the midst of it all, there are still ladies who don’t let your things decide for them, rather they look beyond what you have to see if they are ready to settle with you.

           My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. I really enjoyed reading that. Thankfully, I haven’t started receiving unwarranted introductions. yay for being young!

  2. Ms O, enjoy it now. Some of these phone calls can serve as a nuisance. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Are you for real?? Hmmm it is 21st century you know..?
    So me thinks it’s either of two.. You’re either just blatantly putting down my fellow brethren.. OR someone has been hooking you up with cavemen!

    Go on.. confess!

  4. I think a good “matchmaker” should have criteria other than “They’re both Nigerian and of marriageable age, and I don’t think either of them has mental issues or a predisposition to infidelity or homocide in them” in mind when making matches. I mean those are good things but you have to really look at whether or not the people would be compatible.

    I think that’s a very helpful list, especially for guys who think the way you get to know a girl is by bragging about yourself and trying to impress them with material things, instead of just being down to earth and having a simple exchange of ideas, opinons and stuff, like you’d do with a member of the same sex.

  5. will store this info for future reference! Nice read….

  6. @Rocnaija…lol. I wish I was trying to put them down or being hooked with cavemen ‘cos it would explain a lot, but uhhh…these are from experience

    Sometimes, you think it would be different with an educated naija guy or naija guy outside naija but then it doesnt matter where a naija guy is….a naija guy will still be a naija guy

  7. @Danny….thanks.
    @GNG……I just wish people are able to find their significant other without matchmakers. It’s surprising but some people still use the criteria from the olden days to hook up, for instance the only compatibility is that you came from a good home or that your parents never had any scandal. Whether you have anything in common does not come into consideration.

  8. Still.. I beg to differ.. Ironically it’s based on experience as well.. because I have loads and loads of Naija male friends.. then there’s me.
    We don’t play like that.. if anything maybe one in every 20 ratio..
    And even my friends who did get hooked up with their chics, had a choice. It wasn’t restriced to the MM’s opinion.
    So trust me.. you need to fire your matchmaker..! 🙂

  9. Roc, if your friends are as you have mentioned, then I am thrilled for their future partners…..better still, they should come hook up with my friends.

    I would fire the matchmaker if they were under my employment but since they are not, all I can say is…..I am anti matchmakers

  10. I wish myself the best

  11. GCI….I wish you the best too (ie assuming you are on a search). thanks for stopping by

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