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          This was supposed to be a response to Ochuko’s question, but I decided to turn it into a post. We hear people talk about purpose; we have books that tell us to identify our purpose in life, but not very many books show us how to identify our purpose. Sometimes, trying to identify what your purpose in life is can be a herculean job, but just like a mother forgets the birth pangs after she sees her baby, so do you forget the process when you eventually identify your purpose.

        I believe the bible said that each person was given a gift, and I always believe those gifts are to be used to accomplish something in life. Whatever it is you accomplish with such a gift may lean towards your purpose. Your purpose may be listening to people/friends/family/foes, providing a crying shoulder and giving them word of advice. It can be finding a way to better you family or town. It can be building an orphanage, putting all the homeless in a house; it can be anything big or small. The trick behind this is that most time, not everyone is passionate about such a task/issue as you.

          Sex, sports, family, travelling does not fit into my definition of purpose. However, they may lead you to your purpose, for instance if you love sex so much so, that you become an addict, you may use your experience as an addict to teach other sex addicts and to bring them out of their addiction. Furthermore, if your purpose was to provide housing for everyone in your village, you may not be able to do that without capital. However, if you dabble into some kind of sports and receive payment for it, you may have enough capital to fulfill your purpose.

               Purpose differ with individuals; Once upon a time, I had dreams and things I wanted to accomplish in life; thinking about those things gave me joy and drove me to doing things that would bring them into materialization. At first, I didn’t see them as purpose, but they gave me joy just thinking about accomplishing them. It took me a while to realize that was my purpose, especially as I realized that not everyone had the same mindset towards such issues.

         Your purpose might be a strong dream that you have; this is why I encourage people to dream big. When your dream seem stale or when you are done dreaming, get back on that mat and dream again–never stop dreaming, and when you do dream, dream big.

          In spite of all these, the purpose of purpose is to bring a positive difference.

     My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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