TGIF 1.1

        It’s been raining cat and dog since morning; while walking to the parking lot, I looked at people waiting for the bus and all I could say was “I am grateful for my car”. Thank you for that basic amenity and thank you for seeing me through the rain

Thank you oh Lord for the miracle on Wednesday

Thank you for the spirit of forgiveness

Thank you for new friends

Thank you for your divine favor and grace upon me

Thank God its Friday

          My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009

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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was first, right?

  3. And third tooo! Yes! Go Vera! Go Vera!!! Go Vera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Okay, lemme actually go & read the post. Dat might help

  5. Wait a minute! There is comment moderation, so now I don’t even know if I’m actually first


  6. Vera, Vera, Vera….how many times I call you? you no go kill me….thanks for stopping by jare

  7. Oh, I know exactly what you mean, girl! I say the same thing every time I see people @ the bus freezing in the cold. I’m the car shiverin and I can only imagine what those outside are feeling like.

    I thank God for my life oh. I thank God I have lived to see today.

  8. I like the new series! I’m one of those people who bus but when I’m on the bus and I see people walking in the miserable weather I am grateful o!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. @Vera…I thank God for you my dear, for the joy you bring to people. Have a great weekend

    @GNG…..Thanks, I was inspired by you and others. Its good to be able to find reasons to be grateful. Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Vera……… Na wa o……. Na the campaign strategy be this?
    Guess we all have alot to be thankful for.. especially it being Friday..

  11. Danny, Vera is being suave about it ooo

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