Blind and deaf….


     I know the usual combo is deaf and dumb, but do you know of anyone who is deaf and blind? A friend of mine was asking me the other day if people born blind could differentiate colors and how you can describe a red cloth to a blind person.

        Perhaps, it was this discussion that triggered my thots, but I was thinking about a person being blind and deaf; imagine not being able to see anything but pitch black. One of the things that scare me is being blind; probably ‘cos I have tasted sight and found no reason to complain.

      Sometimes, I try to close my eyes and imagine what the blind is going through, but that experiment never last ‘cos I am always in a rush to open my eyes. Imagine not being able to see. Add deafness to that order, and what do you get?

          A blind person can respond to communication. A deaf person can see and respond to communication. I wonder if a blind and deaf person can communicate. Their sense of touch is probably the only thing intact within them, but even with that, they may jump whenever a caregiver touches them. At the same time, they may wonder what they are living for.

          I took this mind boggling question of mine to another friend of mine who did not let me finish before she asked me to add dumb and cripple to the equation. That was all I needed to get silenced. I am sure there’s someone like this in naija, I just wonder if they wish death upon themselves or what goes through their mind

If you knew you were gonna lose your legs today, would you sit on your couch and cry or will you walk and run and jump and do awesome air kick?

Life is too short, make the best out of it, and be grateful for what you have

        Xoxo..My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Guess its stuff like this that reminds us that we need to live life intentionally, enjoying the little graces we get like sight, life, being able to walk and eat, health and all the little things we often take for granted.

  2. thank God for life

  3. Yes yes yes to Danny’s and your comment.

    I feel terrible every time I take these things for granted. When I see someone who is dealing with the loss of one or more of these things that I take for granted daily, the tears just flow.

    Thank you, God!

  4. @ Danny & GNG….We sure do take lots of stuff for granted in life….ie, until we lose them
    @LG…Indeed, thank God for life. thanks for stopping by

  5. exactly..ur point couldn’t be more is too short ..and everybody can still make something outa what they’ve got

  6. Simeone, you are right, we can make something out of what we’ve got….if only we can value what we have instead of beating ourselves on what we dont have.

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