The new face of S.T.D


      What will you do if you went for a medical test today and you were told that you tested positive for STD? What if the STD was HIV?  S.T.D is short for sexually transmitted disease and there is couple of them out there ranging from herpes to HIV.

      Last weekend I was at a naija party. I was sitting down when I saw this naija lady walk in. The first thing that passed through my mind was “wow, this lady is beautiful”. She was beautiful and well dressed and very appealing to the eye. When it was time to break it like it’s hot on the dance floor. Someone whispered to me “that lady is HIV +”. Who? The lady in the red jacket. Now, I am looking around the dance floor hoping to find a lady in red jacket but oh no, it was the beautiful lady I had noticed. I looked at my informant for confirmation and she nodded. I was petrified and all I could whisper was “oh no, I was just admiring her beauty”. Then, came the how did you know? How did people know? When, why, what? Oh man!!

         I have been opportune to work in dr’s offices and when I see a handsome guy or beautiful lady, I appreciate them, but then I get thrown off when I ask “why are you here today?” and they reply “I have a bump on my groin” “my boyfriend has gonorrhea/Chlamydia etc and I think I may have it” “I cheated on my husband/wife and I wanna get tested”  “I was out of town and I did something bad”

       I have found myself in the position where I had to deliver the not so good news of “your test result came in, everything was normal except for the STD test. You tested positive for HIV” within this time, you try to encourage them by uttering the kindest words you could. Sometimes, it fails you, some other time, it does not.

        Some of the patients go into denial immediately, some act like they accepted it. Some are aggressive, some are abusive…but what can you really do at this point? You have been diagnosed with this killer disease and I know that if you could change the hand of time, you would, but now… seems like its too late.

        These young men and women come out looking well dressed. They are running off to work or school and trying to live life to the full. They are near you; your neighbor, your colleagues at work. They may have it but you may not know. HIV is real and it has a very ugly face.

         In the past, it used to be difficult to get these things, but with the variety in sexual practice, the sky has become the limit for S.T.D. For instance, in the past, we used to classify herpes as oral vs genital/sexual, but now, that boundary has been removed due to oral sex.

        When was the last time you got tested for STD, say HIV? Perhaps, it was for work, immigration, school, or health reasons? I am yet to hear of anyone who went through the test without at least thinking of the wrong choices they made in life while waiting for their results. It doesn’t matter if you never had sex, when you go for these tests; you tend to have a flashback of opportunities where you might have been exposed without knowing it. You worry…..without anyone knowing of course…..until you get your result back.     

The best thing you can do for yourself as a naija guy/lady is to take care of yourself. Get tested and stay clean!!!

                Xoxo..My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009


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  1. How frightening! Despite that though, it’s important to get tested and stay clean. A lot of people would rather live in denial of a medical diagnosis than have it confirmed, or they are so confident that “they” couldn’t have possibly been affected despite their risky behaviour, and that false confidence is scary as heck.

    For me, as a virgin I would still insist on getting tested along with my husband-to-be before marriage. Life is too short already without taking these risks that might result in an even shorter life.

  2. @ GNG….life is too short I tell you. The good thing is that most churches in Naija now demand a HIV test result before they wed you.

    I’ve read interviews where couples in naija were asked what they would do if their spouses tested positive for HIV in the pre-wedding test……most of them claimed they will still marry him/her ‘cos of love.

    Maybe thats their word for the press, maybe not, but I read such and I think………..yeah right

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