Much ado about kneeling down


          I came across more naija wedding websites and anyone who knows me know I love watching wedding websites. While engrossed in the stories, something occurred to me as it concerns kneeling down and marriage.

       Most women insist “he” must kneel down to propose else….Most men want “her” to kneel to give the traditional glass of wine, or even to present his meal else….

       I have a friend who mentions his hatred for his wife kneeling down. According to him, the only acceptable time to kneel down is when she’s giving him the traditional palm wine in the traditional marriage, and that’s cos it’s the tradition but after that, the day she kneels down for him is the day he sends her back to her father’s house.

      Before you go ahead to make much ado about kneeling down, I just realized that a man kneels down too; when a man is proposing, he is expected to kneel down. So I guess a man kneeling down cancels the lady’s kneeling down on the wedding day. Any other kneeling down in marriage is up for grabs.

I watched the 2009 Oscar award and I was so excited for each award slumdog millionaire won. I cheered so much that you would think I was part of the movie. Sorry, I just love the movie

                     Xoxo..My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. The only difference is when a man proposes he goes down on one knee.. but a woman is expected to use both(i think)

    The implication is probably to show she’ll be a ‘submissive’ wife when married.. but in most cases that’s shown to be a figment of someone’s vivid imagination..

  2. Just stopping by to say hey, naijagirl! XOXO

    Did u forget to put up a post about the awards?

    • I did put up a post…..hmmm, let me go check again

  3. @Roc…..I concur on that concept being a figment of our own imagination. Thanks for stopping by

  4. i think any any couple that wanna be kneeling totally up to themm..but its trash in my opinion…propose and palmwine period

  5. Maybe its all about different expectations that people have. If its something that both parties are comfortable with, its fine. But as I see it, its nothing particularly compulsory! First time here I think!

  6. @Simeone….you are correct in saying “kneeling” is up to the couple. But, doesnt the tradition demand that a woman should kneel down to give the palmwine? thanks for stopping by

    @ drjax79….thanks for stopping by. Kneeling is not compulsory but some couple demand it as a right.

  7. This is a tough one for me. I haven’t yet figured out what I’ll do, to be honest, if I have a traditional aspect to my wedding.

    I went to a wedding between a Nigerian and an Angolan and I loved how during the traditional ceremony he woudln’t let her kneel down completely: he sort of pulled her up as she was kneeling.

  8. @GNG…Lol, really? the Angolan pulled her up? I wonder if they had this kind of discussion prior to the wedding.
    “If” you have a traditional aspect?…you planning on cutting that out?

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