Naija 101

1.      We are more than bilingual ……we can speak our dialect, our tribal language, pidgin English and queen’s English

2.      Don’t be surprised when we speak better English….we learned our tenses

3.      No, not everyone has a tribal mark… don’t ask me why I don’t have a mark next time

4.      Yes, we have constitution….we are a country

5.      No, we do not substitute animals in place of children

6.      Yes, we are suffering and smiling

7.      Yes, there’s crime in the country…..just like every other country

8.      No, not everyone is into 419 scam…and anyone who believes otherwise is clueless

9.      Yes, we are pretty smart (pretty and smart)

10.  Yes, we are black and proud

11.  Yes, we prefer marrying our own

12.  No, everyone is not black in complexion

13.  Yes we do have fast food….Mr Biggs, Crunchies, chicken n U

14.  Yes, we are mannered…..cos we have culture

15.  No, not everyone in Nigeria is a king

16.  No, we do not eat roaches or insects…..oh wait, I think some of us eat grasshopper

                    Xoxo..My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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  1. Have you really been asked some of these (5, 15, 16)?

    I guess it’s good that people are “bold” or curious enough to ask you, so you can set them straight! When I was going to Nigeria I was asked some questions by friends and coworkers and it was a great opportunity to set them straight. I was supposed to share a slideshow of my pictures following the trip and share some anecdotes of the trip but I’m sort of a procrastinator so I haven’t acted on it…yet.

  2. I have been asked worse and sometimes, i dont see it as being bold or curious, I see it as asking some dumb questions. I know its said there’s no dumb question, but I can’t help thinking that….who knows, someone somewhere could be thinking my questions regarding a country or religion or culture is dumb, but….

  3. guess its all about ppl never bothering to research the stereotypes they’ve been fed from day one….guess some re-education is neccesary.. and it seems you’e doing it, oneperson at a

  4. Danny, they say little drops of water make an ocean….let it not be said I was not a good naija ambassador

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