More facts about Nigeria (Naija)

1.      Do you have beaches in Nigeria?….Beach? what is that?….duh! We have beaches…no, I don’t mean streams, I mean real beaches…for instance, bar beach located in Lagos

2.      Do people run around naked?….I know you wish we did, but No, we don’t go around buck naked….we actually have clothes. We have designers who design our clothes. No, I don’t mean people who design sheet of paper. Its real cloth and real designers. A typical naija lady in naija is more likely to wear all designers than any lady elsewhere…Yes, I said it.

3.      No, we do not speak animal language

4.      No, there is nothing like Nigerian language; we have more than 250 tribes, each tribe has their own language

5.      Do they do lots of herbal tx?….No we have real hospitals with real medical doctors and real nurses.

6.      Oh my gosh, its beautiful, they have beautiful houses…..duh

7.      I thought they were bald and wore no clothes…duh

8.      When did you learn to speak English?…A typical naija child is taught English right from nursery school

9.      How long did it take you to learn English after you came to the states/Europe/abroad?….A typical naija man/woman could speak english before they left naija. For crying out loud, you have to communicate in English to the immigration officer stamping your visa


Xoxo…My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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