Facts about Nigeria (Naija)

I am tired of meeting clueless people who have these outdated and outrageous views about naija. I know I have not travelled to every country, but come on….there are some things I would think are obvious. Some of the questions I have heard people ask are…

1.      Do y’all live on trees……No, we actually have beautiful houses, and no, I don’t mean hut. I mean houses built with real bricks. This is why even if a house burns down, the brick or skeleton of the house is seen still standing. Unlike most countries outside Nigeria where wood is used, most people in naija do not use wood to build their house, rather they might use it for roadside shack or stall/kiosk. Its easy for a whole house to burn down or get carried away when it is built with wood. Furthermore, a typical naija man building his house takes more than one month to erect a house.

2.      Do you have grocery stores?….. We have open market where various people bring their wares to and the concept of buying and selling is conducted. We also have super markets which is an enclosed building….we are blessed like that. Ok…here it is…don’t scream but we also have malls and shopping centers….Now, don’t go screaming out loud. I know you didn’t think we could, but yeah sorry to burst your bubble.

3.      How do you get around? Do you have cars in Nigeria or you ride animals—camels, elephants, goats, donkeys?…..No we do not traipse on animals, we actually do have cars….some are even the latest models. No, we do not have car note; if you are going to own a car in naija, you better be ready to pay cash down. A typical naija man/woman likes good/nice/beautiful thing and we are ready to pay any amount to get 2010 QX right now.


Xoxo…My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl©2009

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