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More on setting limits…..

  1. By setting limits, you are able to put a value on your time. To see a good lawyer, (not prepaid lawyer); a good lawyer is charging you by the hour. A good doctor (surgery) is charging you by the hour. Where you work cannot afford you cos they are not paying you what you are worth. Anyone who doesn’t pay you your time doesn’t value you. Set your value, “please know my time is valuable”. If you said you are gonna call me, call me at the time you set for me cos my time is valuable. Many people will be in a better place if they tried to manage their time better. You are trying to operate in a place where time has no value. I am trying to invest in people who have no respect for my time. I learn from ever experience, even things I didn’t like cos my time is valuable and in that time I learned a valuable experience
  2. your limits will make you more effective. What’s your plan when you get up in the morning? What’s your purpose or to do list? What’s the thing you wanna achieve before this month is over? Are you effective or are you wasting energy? You will not be able to set limit for your life until you know your value. There are some jobs you shouldn’t entertain because based on their offer, you shouldn’t take it. Any job that understands your value should be grateful to have you cos they understand there is an untapped reservoir in you. You are too gifted to be under. You have to know what your value is. Before the job works you, you have to work the job
  3. What’s your value? What’s your goal? What do you wanna see come out of this endeavor/venture? If nothing is coming out of it, why are you putting something into it. You are too old to just be playing around. You are a grown woman, why are you looking for a boyfriend? I don’t wanna play games, I wanna know what the goal is. What’s important to you? You have to set a standard.  If you don’t know what’s important to you, other people will impose their priority on you. What’s the one thing of mine that cannot be touched? What’s your premium non negotiable? If you don’t wanna have me and my kids, its non negotiable, if you can’t wait till marriage, its non negotiable. If you don’t believe in God, how can you believe in me? If you wanna be a part of me, you have to be a part of what is important to me. In setting your limit, you understand the difference between your needs and your wants. Do you know the difference?
  4. In setting limits, you are able to say what in my life can be eliminated. What in my life can be cut today? Who can be cut today?  Monthly/yearly you should g through your phone books and just delete. If you cant remember who that is…delete…delete. If the person hasn’t called you this year…delete..IDENTIFY yourself. Delete all unnecessary people. Go to your email address book, delete anyone whom you don’t know or don’t remember. Delete anyone whom you don’t have anything in common, or have outgrown.

                             Xoxo…My words, my views, my style!Naijagirl©2009

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