Setting limits

      When was the last time you had an evaluation? No, I don’t mean evaluating your employer/instructor or your peer, I mean self evaluation? We are in a new year and a new month. If you had New Year resolutions, how far have you gone with them? Perhaps, its time for a “self” exam. I had a very stressful time last year and my only new year resolution was/is to be stress/worry free. To achieve this, you would have to learn how to set limits.

1. By setting limitations, you choose what’s necessary. For everything you do for the rest of the year, ask yourself, what’s the limitation? I go overboard for my job, but at what point would I tell them no. I  have weakness for my kids, but at what point will I tell them enough is enough. I am dating someone who is walking over me but at what point will I set limitations for my life?

2. What am I doing that will produce an impact for my life? In setting your limits, you will simplify your life. Your car and closet is a reflection of your life. If your closet and your car is a mess, usually your life is; when you begin to clear out these things, you may see changes.

3. In dealing with my limitations, my focus is on me. 80% of your stress is not your stress. It’s the stress of others; you are worried about someone else and you are doing damage on yourself. But, when you are setting limitations, you are looking for ways to build yourself up. When you are building yourself up, the focus is on you and you are able to take charge of “you”.  You are able to learn about yourself and love yourself. If someone is able to love you, they should be able to follow your lead. If you don’t know how to love you, how can someone be able to do that?

To be continued……

                 Xoxo…My words, my views, my style!Naijagirl©2009

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