Slumdog Millionaire

      I finally watched this movie that has won so many awards, and in my opinion, it deserves any award it received.

     In the scenes where the little Jamal, Salim and other kids witnessed the riots and spent their time scavenging….man, there gotta be people like these in naija…pls, if any of you know of such people, let me know….wouldnt mind gathering them under one roof. I just read that the little Salim and Latika live in the slums even till now…oh no!

I think my favorite is the brothers as kids and their antics….I liked when they were being pursued by the police, when they put chilly on Salim’s willy and other scenes. Of course, having the beautiful Freida was an addition to the movie….she’s a very beautiful woman..her beauty is phenomenal, if you doubt me, take a look at her picture.

Lessons I learned from this movie:

          You can know everything but knowing the right thing is what matters…Jamal  may not have been educated but he knew the right things—the things that mattered to the game show ; you may not know everything but knowing the answers to your exam questions is what matters in an examination hall.

          There could be kids under the rain with no protection when I am indoors, under my blanket complaining that the heater is not getting warm enough

          Whatever experience you have had in life is for a purpose; you may or may not realize what that purpose is.

          I have lived a good life and never realized it….see those little kids having to bring up tricks to earn money; carrying  a crying baby so they can earn more from begging or tying a band over one eye to play blind….I don’t recall being exposed to that as a kid.

          Most kids are innocent until they are taught a lesson by an adult….devious adult

          Hahaha I love kids…the part where they had chilly on Jamal’s brother’s willy was funny

          Not everyone who gives you something is nice…their first savior gave them soda but he meant evil…I mean the guy that wanted to turn them into blind musicians

          You can’t be a street kid without being street smart:-Hahaha…. I liked the scene when teenage Jamal was showing the English couple a tour of the taj mahal….lying through his teeth about the history. I loved how the brothers went to where the tourists left their footwear and wore some shoes, it reminded me of white garment churches in naija where people leave their footwear outside…perhaps if someone can go put their feet into one of those foot wears…who knows?

          Be nice to people, be nice to sellers….you don’t know their story

          Money and female….the two things that get men in trouble

          Because he is from the slums, he is believed to be a liar/cheat. Because you are from naija, you are believed to be into fraud….hissesss! That you have been outside naija for years and didn’t make it, does not mean that the little boy from your village that just came in less than 5 years and had bought a car and erected a house in the village is into drugs or 419….it might just be that just like Jamal…it’s written

          Little kid’  love…do you recall the kid you were in love with or had a crush on as a kid? What ever happened to that kid or the love?

The twist: What’s the deal about the game host tricking him into believing the answer was B when it was D? I mean the question on the cricketer with the most goals…Jack Hobbs. Oh no! they kissed in the last scene…are they supposed to? Is this not an Indian movie? I have noticed Indian unmarried actors/actresses do not lip lock on screen, so what’s the deal with them doing that in this movie? I liked the kid Jamal, Salim and Latika. The teenage Salim was more western than Indian.

What have you done for love? What will you do for love? What’s the most silly or unbelievable thing you have done for love?…for me, it was believing.

        I know they are releasing stress but what’s the deal with the music dance video at the end?….oh ok I get it now, I like the dance/tango or whatever dance it was Patel and Pinto were dancing…I am off to go learn that dance.

                Xoxo….My words, my views, my style!Naijagirl©2009

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