Unborn naija actors/actresses

        Watching Slumdog Millionaire made me recall childhood days when we watched lots of Indian movies. The first question Jamal was asked was about Amitabh Bachchan; I recall this guy graced lots of movies like Toofan, Ram Balram, Amar, Akbar, Anthony. He had a nice voice, danced well and was used to playing double roles in his movies.

         It took me a while to watch the movie but I don’t regret watching it. I liked the fact that it was all Indian—most of the time….perhaps, naija can take note. I am looking forward to that naija movie that will reach international level, to the extent of being nominated for Oscar awards. I waited for a long time and when I didn’t see that coming, I decided I would go produce such a movie. I sought for ideas and I decided to use some of the great stories in between our legs. I settled on Queen Aminah. While I was biding my time on how I will be Queen Aminah, how I will learn hausa and make the movie so real and how I will win the Oscar award….I mean, come on, Japan, China, S. Africa, Mexico, India…produce movies that reach international acclaim, why not us? We just sit down behind our tables and claim to be the third in the whole world…don’t even start me on that claim.

       Anyhoo, I was disappointed when I was going through my normal morning rituals of reading naija dailies one day and I came across an interview of some producer I had never even heard of, and guess what movie he was planning on producing or directing next? Queen Aminah!…oh no no no! that’s my movie, that’s my Oscar, that’s mine…you can’t take it. Now, how am I sure, you will make the movie turn out so well. Oh no! my Oscar. I was saddened the more when I read his focus was on Queen Aminah’s hobbies of picking up men to sleep with and killing them afterwards…oh no! is that all you are going to show? What’s the moral? I wanted to show something else….I’m going to hope this movie turns out well, else…else…I shall crawl under my comforter and sulk about my missed Oscar.

         There are so many stories that could turn into good scripts if only we would cool down to direct and produce such movies. Days have gone when I used to look at the artistes in a movie and decide to watch it. These days, I look beyond the artistes. I am looking for an artiste who will be known for delivering in all his/her movies, whether it ends up a poor movie or not….with a quality naija movie, we don’t have to run after Hollywood, rather Hollywood will run after us. I am looking for directors and producers who will distinguish themselves as the best. Marketers who will distinguish themselves as companies that market quality movies. I am a unique naija movie critic, and I said unique cos in a whole movie, I might commend only someone who did a waka pass roll..oh yes, I give credit to whom credit is due. Whether it’s a little baby crying in the movie, I will give him credit. Some actors/actresses started bad and ended up good, some started good and went down the drain in their acts. Some have just been lukewarm ever since they started, and some are yet to be born.

         Maybe what we need in naija is an agency that will foresee finished works before they end up in the market, the role of this agency is to ban poor quality movies from being circulated…perhaps, that could bring us to international limelight as makers and shakers of quality movies.

Why I like naija: we toot our own horns even when there is no one listening…. Enjoy more bollywood soundtrack

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