Indian movies….days of innocence

          It took me a while but I finally watched slumdog millionaire…go grab your company now!!! This movie reminded me of childhood days when we watched lots of bollywood movie; Nagin (snake girl), Nagina, Yeh vada raha (Sunita), Jawani (my all time favorite), dus numbri, toofan, ram balram, Amar Akbar Anthony, Terimehbiyan (the dog movie)….uhm the burning train. I used to think every naija kid watched at least one Indian movie as a kid. So, you would imagine my surprise when I excitedly pushed one of the soundtracks to a naija guy and he looked at me funny like…am I supposed to know this? Dude! You never watched an Indian movie, you sure you grew up in naija?

       The amazing thing about Indian movies then was that I never understood what they were saying. I was too young to even make sense of the subtitles written across the screen, yet at the end of each movie, everyone of us could tell exactly what happened and what the movie was all about…how did we manage to achieve this?

”…and then the wicked man came and hit amar….and then toofan appeared…they gave sunita a new face, she walked into the room and baba said good morning sunita, and she said mh mh baba, kusum baba. Sunita saw vikram and the other woman”.

      We always seem to know the good guys from the bad guys. If it was an action movie, we tend to know the actor(good guy and the last one standing) from the boss(the bad guy and the one who dies last in the movie). We don’t need to understand what they were speaking but a good picture will always be a good picture. All we know is that one person hit the other or that one person eyed the other, and we just make the connection and give them our own lines. That’s why I love listening to naija version of western classics, for instance any of Micheal Jackson’s songs. They rhyme and sound alike but for sure the lyrics ain’t same….ok, I am deviating, back to movies.

       Still on action movies, it took me a while to make connections of the actual names of these movies or actors from naija version for instance Bruce Lee was called Boss lin, Jackie Chan was called Chackie Chan…Van Damme was Van Dan…Bruce Willis was Boss Willis…uhh! Rambo was Rambo…Yeh vada raha was called Sunita….ahh the good old days, the days when Arnold Schwarzenegger was known as commando and Sylvester stallone was known as Rambo…the days when only one person may have a tv in the whole compound yet everyone would gather round this little tv to watch the movie. Our days of innocence as I like to call it.

Why I like naija: We appreciate things that are not our own; In appreciation for the Indian movies, I would post soundtrack of some of these movies here, enjoy!

              My words, my views, my style!Naijagirl©2009

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