Naija Best friends….

      How many of you have best friends? How many of those best friends consider you a friend? Meet Kay, meet Collins, meet Chi Chi, he is my best friend in the www (whole wide world)….

      Back in high school, some were born best friends while some had best friends thrust upon them. When your fellow students saw you and a particular student together for couple of times, they termed the both of you best friends and before you knew it, y’all started identifying yourselves as best friends.

        I have been opportune to be friends with both “best friend” parties and hear or see what goes on behind the scenes. Some of these people don’t feel the same way about the other party, yet they seem not to complain aloud cos of what people will say. I have often met people who say this is my best friend, and yet the best friend is barely accepting you as an acquaintance.

There are friends and there are friends….friends are greater than friends. If you have a friend and you don’t know that friend very well, try not to open your mouth to call him/her your best friend. There is a difference between a friend and a best friend.

This is my best friend…. Your best friend and yet you don’t know the kind of thing he/she likes.  A best friend is one whom you rejoice with when something good happens to him/her, even if you didn’t receive such a blessing. For instance, you and your “best friend” go for a job interview, he is accepted and you are not. As a best friend, its your civic duty to be “truly” happy for your best friend and to rejoice with him/her. As a best friend, you are supposed to stand with him/her when he’s under criticism or fire from every other person.

This is my best friend……How can you call him/her your best friend yet he doesn’t even know where you live. She doesn’t know anything about your family. He doesn’t know the kind of food you like. She doesn’t know what makes you tick.

This is my best friend……A best friend is someone who knows everything that needs to be known about you and still able to tolerate you.

             My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009

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