Goat arrested for robbery

ImageDoes this look like the goat in your neighbor’s backyard, or could this goat be a robber in disguise?

It is only in naija where we get this kind of headline. A unit of the Kwara state police command arrested a goat yesterday for attempting to steal a mazda car. The PRO of the police command claimed that the “mysterious goat” is an armed robber who tried to steal a mazda car with his partner.

The police intervened on time to stop the robbery and a race began between the police and the two robbers. In a bid to escape arrest, one of the robbers turned into this “mysterious” goat.  The policemen arrested the goat…and would probably charge it for stealing.

Its only in naija: its only in naija where we would believe the goat actually is a robber…why? because, we have heard similar stories in the past. Years ago, there were stories of men who turned into vultures in their search for quick money. At the same time, there were stories of people walking in the market or shaking hands with someone, only to realize that their genitals had incidentally disappeared. The interesting thing is that some victims have been known to hold the nearest passerby claiming he/she was the culprit, and if actually they were right, the passerby would have to “mysteriously” give back the genital or face the anger of the mob…..its only in naija!!!

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For the rest of the news, pls do check http://www.vanguardngr.com/content/view/27049/42/

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  1. First! LOL….. I’m going to look around to see if i’ve been here b4.

  2. sting, thanks for stopping by

  3. maybe the police there should firstly investigate the theft of his common sense.

    • The committe that discovered the goat still maintain that the goat is the robber, but another police officer in a higher position claim there is no scientific correlation, therefore…their claim is…in the thin air…which is why the goat was released/auctioned off

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