Do I have to go?


            Its inaugration day, its the day most people have waited for…the day when a black man becomes president of the United States, but guess what?…..I have to be at work… ….oooooohm! I am looking at the clock on my wall, I am looking at CNN. will my office understand if I dont come to work today? This is supposed to be a new job for me and today will be the first day I meet my new supervisor and the rest of the staff, but what if….what if…there is a stall on the free way and I happen to make it late to work….late after I am done watching the Inaugral address of course. What if I happen to catch a cold…will they understand or will they know I am watching the inaugration.

     Now, why wasnt the inaugration last friday. I was off last friday, I wouldnt have been in this predicament if it was last week.

Ok, I will watch just for 5 mins then I am off to work.

xxxxx ooohm! Its 5 mins already and Anderson Cooper is the one stil talking . Ok, I will give them another 5 mins. I just wanna watch the inaugration. is that too much to ask for?

xxxxx awesome, I just managed to watch the procedure…I am off to work. Pls, be sure to write me and tell me how the procedure went and what actually happened…..uh uh, i see George H (he’s walking slowly, seems to be in pain) and Barbara Bush…I see some old lady, i see another old lady….quit showing me these people and show me “Yes we can”

Why I like Naija: I love naija because even though Obama is not the next president of naija, most naija citizens are happy/supportive of him and have their eyes glued to their black and white TV and transitor radio  to cheer when our fellow back man struts to the throne.

Quote of the day: Yes we can (Obama 2009)

                My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl 2009

uh uh, I just saw Bill and Hill….

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