Mma mma Jesus

       We are supposed to continue on our discussion of cooking , in relation to a typical naija man or woman, but I am going to pause on the cooking theme and talk about “Mma Mma Jesus”. I know this is not part of our discussion but I was blessed with this song yesterday and I had to talk about it. I sent it to few of my loved ones and I am posting it here .May God bless whoever sang this song and the contributors

        Sometimes you hear a song that ministers to you or touches you in a different way, this song “mma mma Jesus” did that to me this past weekend. I don’t know who sang it and would appreciate any feedback on that, but in the meantime I will keep praying that God blesses whoever sang it and coordinated it, as well as the choristers. The song made me imagine the lyrics of going to heaven and seeing Jesus and having many things to say to him, but before I do those, just going to him to say “thank you Jesus”.

        Just take a second to say thank you Jesus wherever you are, for giving you life, for waking you up this morning, for your sanity, for saving you from crazy drivers on the road. For your family, for your friends, for the food on your table, for the job you have, for the children you have, for your wife/husband., for where you are in life now. Find a reason to say “mma mma Jesus”.

Here is the link for the song:


       My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009

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