Marriage Counselor

      Oh my gosh, has anyone seen Tyler Perry’s marriage counselorTyler Perry | The Marriage Counselor  tickets available at affordable prices @ 2 Down Front Entertainment? It is a play, and like I always say “most of his plays have more wit than the movies”. I think this is funnier than his previous works, and trust me I think his other works were very funny. I laughed in almost every scene in this play. If you have not seen it, go check it out. It involves a marriage counselor that was trying to help couples with marital problems but couldn’t save her own marriage.

      He used new faces and they were all incredible like previous cast. Palmer William jnr from the house of Payne was awesome—watch out for this dude. I watch him in the house of Payne but I never saw him as funny as this. He was off the hook with his yabs. He dished the yabs in every scene and each yab was funnier than the previous. Tyler is planning on making a sitcom focused on him and I can’t wait to watch it.  Like most of his plays, the marriage counselor touched on certain themes such as family, relationships, love, God and the advantages of good ole romantic blues.

       He chooses artistes that can sing so if you think you can act and can then perhaps you should stop by for an audition.

Lessons from the movie:  (1) all that glitters is not gold (2)don’t be so focused on work that you neglect your family, loved ones or spouse. (3)Don’t be too caught up with material things that you forget that you are with a good man/woman. (4) HIV does not have a face and just anybody can be a carrier without it being written on their foreheads. Maybe you and your partner should get tested before you get freaky next time….


         My words, my views, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009     

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