In honor of Martin Luther King Jnr

        I was watching the MLK memorial and Obama mania on TV today and some of the people that came from all over the world for Obama’s inauguration were shown. I told a friend of mine I could have been there on TV claiming I am representing Naija. At that moment, a lady from South Africa was shown and the TV anchor guy connected her to Mandela. My friend asked me who I would be connected with from naija. I mentioned some names from top of my head but none of them passed by her.

        In relation to racism, which person would you recall that…..oh snap, I just remembered…Ken Saro Wiwa. I should go tell my friend that. He was an activist and someone who stood for something in naija. How many people can you recall that actually stood for something for Nigeria or Nigerians?

             One of the ladies who witnessed the segregation and racism in the 60’s was asked if she thought this generation can do same thing that was done in the past. I think this generation has it in them to make history like those in previous generation, but are they doing what they ought to do? Are you an Obama fan or MLK fan? What are you doing now to make history so others can be called next Chi Chi, next Ade, next Musa?  Get up and get to work, there’s still time to make a difference. Yes, we can! Yes we did!


                       My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl ©2009

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  1. hmmm…I would associate with that world bank woman that cleaned up the naija banking industry, if only I remember her name…

    • Afrobabe, you mean Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala? I think my friend was looking for more of an activist or one who stood against racism or discrimination in naija
      thanks for stopping by, happy new year

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