You need a wife–2



(Note: the water here could be naija soup, it could be naija stew, it could be naija jollof rice, all that matters is that you had to make a call to get direction on how to cook these dishes.)


           You must have gone through this experience or known someone who went through a similar experience where you had to call someone over the phone because you were craving for a well prepared naija meal. Because you were used to having your food prepared by your mom, or sister or house help, you thought it would always be like that. It never occurred to you to learn how to cook because mom will always be there to cook for me, Busola will always be there to cook for me, and when I marry, my wife will always be there to cook for me, if she’s not there, then our daughters can cook for me. But, like every other thing in life, you grow up to realize life does not always follow a straight path—you need a well prepared meal and you need it right away.

        For the next couple of days, I will be writing on cooking in relation to a naija boy/girl. Stay tuned.


Why I like Naija: It is only in naija where you can get food vendors in every street and corner. It is only in Naija where you can boldly walk into a roadside kiosk and buy bread and bottle of coke or bread and geisha and it will serve as a good meal without anyone calling 911. I like naija cos it is only in Naija where you dial the fire department and they tell you that there is no water in the fire truck.


Quote of the day: A guy who eats a lot should know how to prepare what he can eat—Naijagirl©2009


                      My words, my views, my style@ Naijagirl©2009

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