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             In today’s world, men go about their duties dressed in shirts, trousers, boxers, suit etc. but this was not so in the good old days. In those days, men did not give all privileges of dressing half naked to the women; both married and unmarried men went around their homes and neighborhood dressed in obante, a clothing that is in the form of the modern day underpants. Just like underpants, the obante covered only the pelvic region leaving the rest of the body bare.  It did not take much time for the long hands of modernization to catch up with our society via danshiki, an overall type of clothing with a pocket on each side. The danshiki was first introduced by men who had gone to the city/town to run errands for their masters. When they returned to their hometown, they showed off their new mode of dressing to their village counterparts. The danshiki had no underpants, hence when a man wanted to sit down; he would raise the cloth up and sit down buck naked—thank God for underpants.

         These were men who did not need the obante or the danshiki to make them who they are, rather by wearing either of these clothes, they enhanced the importance of each material.

         One thing that kept nagging me was the incidence of rape and cold. For cold, especially during the winter season, a big bonfire was made and everyone would gather round and try to keep warm. The bonfire served as an opportunity for families to bond with each other; these families entertained themselves with stories that were passed down from generation to generation.

           Anyone suspected of rape or convicted of rape would be entitled to a visit from the masquerade the next morning. Early in the morning, the masquerade will pay a visit to the culprit’s house and ask for him; if you were the culprit, you will be flogged mercilessly with a cane, that for days you won’t be able to sit down on your behind, and of course next time you see a girl from afar, you will take another route.

          Would it have been better if our men went around dressed in obante or is our modern day shirt and trousers better? What are the chances of using a cane (flogging) to correct the ways of a modern day rapist.

Why I like Naija: Still on the good old days, I recall the days when most companies were named based on plc, Nig. Ltd or Sons. For instance, a roadside mechanic calls his shop “IK and sons Nig Ltd” or “Ade PLC” or perhaps Musa and sons. Very soon, I shall be changing my blog to Naijagirl and sons Nigerian Ltd, PLC. I always wondered why it was called…and sons, never..and daughters.

Quote of the day: Clothes and manners do not make a man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance (Henry Ward Beecher)



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