I am sorry has sent many out of their matrimonial or paternal homes. I am sorry has broken many relationships. I am sorry has sent many to prison. I am sorry has brought so many positive and negative effect on various people, and I cant help but wonder how hard is it to say I’m sorry. I was going to write on another topic, but an interesting thing happened yesterday and I just had to comment on it.

……Yesterday evening, my friend was knocked down by a young Hispanic man who was driving a tow truck. The impact of the tow truck lifted my friend and had him fall flat on his behind. By the time he regained himself and stood up, a crowd had gathered. Before anyone could say anything, the young Hispanic man came down from his tow truck and begin dey halla, dey rake. He said my friend should apologize to him for using his body to block his car. Like joke like joke oo, this young man started increasing his voice. A naija proverb says that if you wake up in the morning and see a chicken pursuing you, you should tear race and run like you have never ran before. My friend and people around were so dumbfounded that they just stood there watching him. 

“You knocked me down and you cant apologize? You should say sorry”, muttered my friend, but the boy in all arrogance, announced my friend should “call the cops, call the FBI, call CIA, and call any agency you want to call”. When the people present realized the boy wasn’t interested in apologizing, they told my friend to call the cops. My friend dialed 911. While he was on phone with the operator, the Hispanic guy got into his car to drive off. Two other Hispanic men who were pissed off by his attitude used their vehicles to block the tow truck. The tow truck guy, in Spanish told the Hispanics around that he is an illegal immigrant and they should let him go before the cops arrived. By the time my friend finished the call with the 911 operator, he was informed that the guy was an illegal immigrant. Some naija guys and Hispanics around pleaded with him to forgive the guy and let him go. Even at that, the tow truck guy was still puffing and huffing. My friend turned to him and said “I forgive you; I don’t want to be the one to send you back to your country. Go”. By the time the vehicles blocking the tow truck were moved away, he got back to his car to drive off. Fortunately or unfortunately, the cops arrived immediately and blocked his tow truck. They asked what was going on, my friend explained that the Hispanic knocked him down and refused to apologize but that he forgave him and told him to go. The cops turned to the young Hispanic man and asked him for his DL (driver’s license), he said he didn’t have any DL. Insurance? “Nada” How old are you? 17. The cops were shocked with the information and were ready to handcuff him, but the Hispanics present started pleading on his behalf. They came to my friend and pleaded with him…..My friend joined them in pleading with the cops to let the boy go. Eventually, they allowed the boy to leave but not with his tow truck.

Afterwards, I asked my friend why he did not halla as I expected…being a proper naija man and persin wey sabi halla well well. He said he was scared the cops may search their system and find one or two things about him. Accordig to him, they might even have a warrant for him and raising his voice or calling the cops would put him into trouble. I was soooooo angry at that statement that I applauded the young Hispanic man for his tirade. Why would you be scared when you have not committed any offense? For crying out loud, this was not a car on car collision, this is body and car collision. He knocked you down, that’s the first gist. What if you had died, would he have still demanded you wake up and apologize to him? Why in the world do some naija guys/ladies fear America and its system soooo much. My friend claimed he didn’t know who sent the young man, or as the igbos say what was hitting the drums for him in his backyard.

Please someone help me out here….Did this young man smoke something? Was he drunk? What if he was deported? How hard is it to say sorry? Seeing his age, would you call it youthful exuberance or sheer foolishness? Why did the cops give in and let him go? Would they have done the same for a naija guy if he was the one in trouble? If you were my friend, what would you have done differently?

Why I love naija: This story made me think of naija and why I love naija. If it was in naija, this story would have been different. Before the truck guy would say Jack Robinson, the crowd would have dealt with him and beaten him to a pulp, even before my friend would regain himself. But this is not naija, and in America, everyone is afraid of the system. In Naija you are more afraid of your neighbor than the system. In Naija, anything is possible.

Quote of the day: It takes a wise man to say I’m sorry (Naijagirl 2009©)


                            My words, my views, my style! Naijagirl

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  1. First! Will be back to read and comment. Thanks for stopping by my blog. i was here yesterday but can’t remember if i left a comment or not.

  2. Sting, thanks for stopping by

  3. True, “it takes a wise man to say i am sorry.” however, it takes a wiser man to understand that there is more to him who refuses to say i am sorry.

  4. Rethot, it takes a wise man to stop by this blog and let his/her input known….thanks for stopping by.

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