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Breaking news:  Its been said that when two elephants fight, its always the grasses (or little people) that suffer more. The two elephants in this story are the Lagos doctors and the state government. The little people are the masses. Imagine having a medical emergency and rushing to the hospital only to be told that you can’t be treated because the doctors are on strike. What if it was a life and death situation? Would the bearer of the news look upon this patient and allow him/her to die because doctors are on strike? What happened to the Hippocratic oath of a physician? These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I read about the strike embarked by doctors in Lagos this past Monday. The breaking news is that fortunately the supposed strike has been called off for the mean time. The doctors have complained about their poor working conditions as well as their poor salary. The state government has agreed to look into their demands…lets hope there is no further strike. Just like war, no one benefits from a strike; not the people who embarked on it (Accuser), not the defendant, and definitely not the little people around.

Solution: Improve the working conditions for doctors—happy employees put in more effort and bring in more profit. (2) Find a middle man between the doctors and the state government

Discussion:     HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

“Jehovah good morning ooo, for waking me up today.

Jesus I thank you ooo for the better wey you do for me.

Daddy you maketh that way for me, where people tell me say road no dey.

Sotee you butter my bread for me.

Daddy me oo I will lift up your name. You too much.

Daddy you 2 much, papa you 3 much, Jehovah you 4 much, 5 much, I say you 6 much.

Yes I thank you”


                 Yesterday was my birthday and I have nothing but thanks for the almighty for adding another year to my life. This particular birthday has changed my perspective on a whole lot of things. From 3rd week of December, I started worrying about my birthday and my age. I recall those good old days when I used to quickly say I was “22” or “23”, but now when you ask me my age, I pause before I give a response. Its either “you ask too many questions” or “its impolite to ask a lady her age” or I use my good old smile that covers multitude of sins. I know I am a year older, at least the number next to my age says that. In N. America, you don’t claim your age until the day has reached, so as at the day before my birthday, I would still legally claim I am a year younger. It doesn’t make any sense to me but I was thinking about that last night before I slept. Today I am “00” and tomorrow I will be “000”. Is there any difference? Will I grow an extra head overnight to signify my new status? Will my mind significantly change to signify my new status? I eventually fell asleep and woke up smiling sheepishly to myself. Before you question my motives, I have every right to smile, I am a year older, a year wiser, and a year….more beautiful.

       I started the day with a prayer to God. Fortunately, I was given off from work so I had the day to myself. I knew I was never going anywhere to celebrate so I chilled at home. I started a blog “naijagirl’s perspective”. It took almost the whole day to get the hang of things.

           Since I was away from most of my family, I figured they would forget. Are you a January babe? What outrageous comments have you heard regarding your birthday? Right from childhood, I always heard “your birthday came at a bad time” “January? Mommy, we already used up the whole money for Christmas and new year” and my favorite “your birthday came at the wrong time”. Last weekend, I was at church when I came across the passage in exodus where God told Moses to prepare the Israelites for departure from Egypt and to mark that month as the beginning of the year. It hit me then, I was born beginning of the year.  That passage was a revelation and changed my outlook about my birthday. Instead of believing my birthday was at the wrong time, I realized it started the year and was a good thing. My birth gave my parents/family an opportunity to make things right again. I was the New Year baby bringing in new things, bringing in new hope to the family. Behold old things and old year have passed away, behold a new baby (aka Naijagirl) and good luck have been deposited into this family and generation. I locked my mind and made sure I corrected anyone who tried to make that comment to me in future.

        I called my 2009 birthday the upgraded version of me “Naijagirl 2.0”. I made a list of all those who remembered my birthday and called me. I am used to remembering friends and family’s birthdays but mine is hardly ever remembered by the people supposed to. My sister who was living with me did not even remember it was my birthday, she woke me up from my birthday sleep to ask me to help show her how to change an mp3 song into the normal format. With the sleep in my eyes, I got up and showed her. She hurriedly left for work afterwards. As I was getting back to bed, my other sister called to wish me happy birthday. I figured she was the only one who remembered. Now, that I think of it, I wonder if my family put me in their morning prayers this morning. In the past, one person always remembered before we say the grace or after we say the grace. I mentioned to the caller that her sister did not recall my birthday and I wasn’t ready to remind anyone this year. I had made up my mind to keep tab and make sure I do likewise on their own birthdays (knowing me, I still would have called them up, but then again, for this day, I wanted to pretend I would return any favor I received today and it seemed to work). She immediately called the other sister at work to remind her, the other sister called my parents and my brothers and cousins. And the list went on and on. By the time you knew it, my phone was ringing endlessly. I received birthday wishes from both within and outside the country. Thanks to everyone who remembered, and to those who did not…..you shall be getting the upgraded version of me.

            As always, my little munchkins/cousins called to wish me happy birthday. I so do love hearing those kids especially when they leave a voice message “Good morning aunty. Happy birthday aunty”. There’s something about listening to the voice of little kids that bring a smile to your face. Could that be the sound of innocence in their voice or the sweetness of their untainted voice? Thank you God for the favors you have granted me this year, old friends appearing. Favors from strangers. God what a wonder you are.

Why I love naija: Since it’s my birthday, I would write something in relation to that. Growing up in naija, some of my birthdays were spent by me being treated to “Mr Biggs”. I love naija because it introduced me to “Mr Biggs”. I know it’s a fast food joint and its supposed to be on the same level as BK and Mcdonalds but for some reason, Mr Biggs, tantalizers, chicken…something and the rest are different. Go to BK and ask for burger and they hand you a cheeseburger or hamburger. Go to Mr B and ask for burger, and they give you buns (kpuff kpuff)…they are all burger.

Quote of the day: Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.  ~Jennifer Yane

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  1. happy belated bday to you!!!! I also love(d) Mr. Biggs growing up. I can’t wait to take my kids there when we go to Naija. lol! Lots of memories.

    Anyway, nice blog and welcome to blogville. Don’t be a stranger ok?

    Happy new year!


    • Thanks jare. It would be nice to take your kids home for them to know we dont live on trees with monkeys. Wouldnt hurt for them to experience the good memories you had…..be sure to eat some meatpies and the Mr Bigg’s ice cream (my favorite)

  2. For the chronic bachelor that I was in my last year in 9ja plus my criminal work hours — Mr Biggs was a savior of some sorts— whether it was the rice and chicken or just a bottle of coke and some meatpie, it ensured i didn’t have to eat bread and geisha every night for 365 days.. lol

    Happy birthday anyways….

    • DB, thanks. Have you ever wondered why you get filled up after eating two pieces of Mr B’s meatpie and bottle of coke, yet I have to order two No 6 from BK or Mcdonalds to get the same end result….geisha and bread, lol…..one day, i shall write on the journey of geisha and bread in the stomach of a naija man.

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