Breaking News in Naija:-       The breaking news in Nigeria is that yesterday, the Emir of Zaria, Alhaji Shehu Idris was prevented from attending his weekly security meeting due to a barricade on the road. The emir was on his way to Kaduna when his convoy ran into a group of people who were celebrating the 10th day of the new Islamic year. It’s been noted that every year the celebrants celebrated the 10th day of the new Islamic year whereby they moved around the town in groups. This particular group insisted the emir should return to his palace, and this resulted in a clash between the emir’s supporters (who may have seen it as an insult to the emir) and members of the celebrating party. The case is still under investigation and we may not have heard the last of it, but for more information read sunnewsonline.com

 Discussion of the day:-  Happy New year!!! I would love to start this blog by asking how you spent your Christmas and New Year celebrations. As for me, I had a quiet Christmas; I had worked all the way until 24th, and when I found a free day on the 25th , I used it to sleep , and trust me, I did not regret it. It was different from the Christmas celebration I have had in the past. I mean, I don’t remember sleeping the whole day on a Christmas day.

            My new year was different though; I travelled home to meet my family. In the process I met up with friends I had not seen in many years and I had fun, which is what the holidays should be about. Its interesting to know you can be friends with someone, live in the same city and yet unable to meet/see them for years. This was my story with these prodigal friends of mine.

                         I LOST MY PHONE VS MY PHONE GOT LOST

         I used the caption above ‘cos I was telling my friend my phone got lost and he entered a debate about how the phone couldn’t have travelled on its own, and how I was the one who lost it. We were speaking in igbo and the conversation went like this….

Naijagirl: “phone m tufuru”  (My phone got lost)

My friend: “phone gi tufuru or i tufuru phone gi?” (Your phone got lost or you lost your phone?)

If you are not used to my group of naija friends, you would be surprised to know most of them find a reason to debate about any issue. To humor him, I have decided to use the caption “I lost my phone vs my phone got lost”.  I would love to hear your own interpretation of the two lines above, and what you think should be the correct line….my phone got lost or I lost my phone.

           In any case “I lost my phone/my phone got lost” this past weekend, at the ATL airport, however, a good Samaritan picked it up. I entered the airport train and as the doors of the train were closing, my phone fell down and out of the train. I stopped at the next terminal, walked down to the point where it fell down but the phone was no where to be found. I don’t know about you but I was more concerned about losing my contacts and the information in my phone than losing the handset itself. My New Year resolution was to worry less so when the stress and anger of losing my phone was about to set in, I kept diffusing it. To worsen the experience, I had to stand in line at the airport for almost 30 mins waiting for an airport taxi.

               As soon as I walked into the house, the first thing my sister asked me was “did you lose your phone?” ….oh boy, has she been calling my phone? How did she know?  She told me my dad called and said someone picked up my phone and dialed his number. The good Samaritan had asked that I dial my phone to speak with him/her.  Nervously I dialed my number and a female voice answered the phone. I was acting more or less like a teenage boy who has come to pick up his girlfriend in her parents house and the father was the one who answered the door. The voice said “yes?” I was probably stammering but the voice helped me and said “did you lose your phone?”  I said “yeah”. She said “I picked it up, I was going to give it to airport security but I didn’t trust the look on their faces” You could hear the relief in my voice when I said “thank you so much”. She asked me if I lived in the same city or if she should mail the phone. Mail the phone? You mean I should give her an extra task? Oh heavens no. I quickly said, “wherever you are I will come pick it ”. God knows I wasn’t going to pick the phone that night cos it was already late, I was tired and I had an early morning appointment the next day and I needed to catch up on zzzzz. She said she was travelling the next day but she would leave the phone with a guy . She mentioned where the guy worked and asked me if I knew the place. I am not good at knowing places especially since I still claim to be new in this city…ATL. I assured her I would find the place….thanks to GPS. She asked the guy to my hearing when he would be at work and he said 10 or 11 am, I calculated in my head at what time my appointment would be over. I decided by 12pm I should be able to make it to the guy’s workplace. I thanked her and hung up.

           I called my phone company and cancelled my service for a day or two, don’t ask me why I did that, I just did and it actually felt good being without a phone for a day or two. We have become so accustomed to having our cell phones that some of us would probably feel naked without our phones. I didn’t know there were still such good people around but I am glad for that. It didn’t take time for me to remember that I had turned on my alarm at the airport before the phone fell of. I had set my phone alarm cos of my morning appointment. Now, I had another reason to worry. I was concerned the phone would ring so early in the morning and disrupt their sleep much to their annoyance.

             I found the guy’s workplace the next day, I wondered what I would do. What if he demanded a reward, what if this? What if that? Ohhhhh you have forgotten your new year resolution which is to stay free from worry.  I saw his name tag but I still asked to verify his name. He identified himself and wanted to know how he could help me. I started with “I lost my phone…, and he said “ohhh”, he smiled and went to get the phone. I thanked him and offered to repay him but he said no, I offered to buy him lunch but he still insisted. Said he had lost his phone before and someone picked it up. I don’t remember losing a phone and I don’t remember picking someone’s phone to return but now I have learned from this experience to help return a lost phone next time. I had read online last year about a girl who lost her handset and the ruckus it caused online with the person who found the handset but refused to return it. So having my phone back was a thing of joy to me. A good way to start my week, a good way to start my year and a good way to start my birthday.

My solution to having this experience:  First and foremost, calm down, take a deep breathe and try not to stress so much over the loss of your phone. It has happened, you can’t get the phone back by worrying. If it comes back fine, if not, you will find a way to adapt.  That was pretty much what I was telling myself to avoid freaking out.  (2) Try to talk less on the phone while walking or getting into trains at the airport….this was my mistake. (3) Save numbers of people that are close to you in a way that its recognizable. The lady who picked my phone first called my dad cos I saved his number as “dad”. (4) When you find a lost item or electronic, make effort to return it. You will be surprised to know how many people have condemned the lady who returned it and claimed they would have taken it and kept it….thank God there are still good Samaritans around.

The what ifs: What if the lady did not return my phone, would I have called her a good Samaritan or cursed the person who “stole” it. What if I was not in good terms with the first person she called and …..What if I had no other means of being reached? What if this, what if that. There are so many what ifs to this story, but I am just glad my phone was returned to me in good condition.

Why I love Naija:-    As the custom of this blog, one of the reasons I love Nigeria is because it is home for me. It is the place where I was nurtured for a good number of years after I was born and I have no regret about my experiences. Some of my earliest memories are connected to this great country and its one reason why I am proud of it.

Quote of the day:- I will be paraphrasing my quote of the day by saying  “if your possession is not lost, how can it be found”

Thanks for reading naijagirl’s perspective. Be sure to check in tomorrow for the next entry.  I would love to hear from you regarding (1)how you spent your xmas and new year holidays (2) would you have picked the phone or returned it? (3) which is the right thing to say “I lost my phone or my phone got lost”.  Drop me a line at naijagirl09@yahoo.com.

                  My words, my views, and of course my style!


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  1. Guess what is important is that there was a separation from your phone for a while – whether you lost it, or it got lost is peripheral to the argument.. Must say you were lucky there – to have met a “good samaritan” who dialed Dad and started the process of retrieiving your phone – Could very easily have all gone South – I know a guy who lost his phone. He had his girl friend’s name saved as “Wifey” and she was almos scammed on the pretext that he was involved in an accident and needed blood ASAP…. One way to mitigate that might be to establish some form of system to verify distress calls —- Nice blog tho..

    • Danny, with all the scamming going around now, it would be good to have such a system. do you perhaps have the tips to verifying a distress call?You will be surprised to hear how many of my friends that said they would not have returned it….Thanks

  2. My half name sake…welcome to blogsville…
    That was some loooooooooooooong post, but good thing you were calm and lucky you someone found your phone. I was on the verge of losing my external hard drive the other day, I wasnt bothered about the disk itself but for the info on it!!

    I spent xmas sleeping, we dont really celebrate xmas at home anyways.

    Why not, I’d return it.

    I think it should be I lost my phone cos losing something is a human act, the phone cant lose itself, you need to have misplaced it…well thats my opinion sha.

    • Naijababe/Name sake, thanks for your comment. I never thought of picking up lost items or returning them, but this experience has taught me to do so in future. I hope you were able to save your external hard drive.

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