Unanswered questions about the robber goat…..

     Have you ever gone to the market to buy a whole goat or even goat meat? Are you sure you bought an actual goat or an actual human being?…….

     I was informed the other day that the “mysterious” goat of ours has been auctioned off at the rate of N300. The big questions were; who bought the goat? what would he/she do with the goat? What if he takes it to the market for sale? What would happen if anyone ate the meat from this goat?

         Just the thought of eating this human/animal goat is about to make me throw up. But, the idea got me thinking about so many things we buy from the market that we are not sure of the origin. Last year, a friend sent me some pictures of chinese meals that were improperly done. For instance, chinese chicken fried rice was prepared with a rat instead of a chicken, and by the look of the end pictures, you cannot distinguish between the real chicken fried rice and the rat fried rice…..That image kept me away from chinese restaurant for a very very long time.

       I was told in high school that some of the dry fish we buy in the market are mixed up with snakes and since they are all dry, you cant distinguish which is which. What about the “point and kill” saga? When point and kill came into existence, some stories were circulated of people who actually mixed the fish with snake meat and since your plate is filled up, you may not notice the difference …..oh well….its only in naija…..it didnt stop me from eating fish, but i just kept hoping I have never been opportuned to eat snakes as fish.

    Is it possible then, that we have all eaten what we would swear we havent touched, without knowing it?…..Is it possible we have eaten rats thinking it was chicken? is it possible we have eaten snakes thinking it was fish? is it possible we have eaten pork in our burger unconsciously, and yet we claim to be pork free? is it possible we have eaten a human being thinking it was a goat?

Why I like Naija: I like my naija cos they entertain me with news (both conventional and unconventional news)…Can you beat that?

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