Suicide mission to the US- What we do to get out of naija.

         Nigeria! Giant of Africa. Nigeria! our motherland. Nigeria! a country with an extensive history. Nigeria! the most populous country in Africa. Nigeria! the eight most populous country in the world. Nigeria! a country with the second largest economy in Africa. Nigeria! a country with one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Nigeria! the largest trading partner of US in the sub saharan region of Africa. Nigeria! a country which made history in 2006 for being the first African country to completely pay off its debt owed to the Paris club. Nigeria! the 12 largest producer of petroleum in the world. Nigeria! a country reported in 2003 to have the happiest people in a survey carried out in 65 countries.

With all these facts on Nigeria, why do we sacrifice everything just to get out of naija. Did i hear you say greener pastures? Must we seek out these greener pastures at the expense of our own lives?

I was minding my business when I came across this article from Sun newspaper. A desperate naija brother sneaked into the tyre compartment of Delta airlines with the aim of being smuggled into the US, but he arrived as a mangled body, with pieces of his body and blood smeared on the tyre.

   Before you raise your hypocritical and condemning fingers on Nigeria, know, there have been past stories of people from other countries that carried out similar suicide mission, all in the hope of getting into the US of A.

Perhaps, this is a new story, and perhaps,this could have been same story that happened few years ago and is just being replayed by Sun news, but out of curiosity, would Delta airlines be sued for the death of this guy? How many people in his family knew he was embarking on a suicide mission and how many encouraged him? What would become of his wife and kids?

Check out the full story here:

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